Sharing is caring


As much as I dislike working in groups or on teams, I will admit some things are harder to do alone.

Somehow some jokes are funnier when shared, and even some tears feel funnier shared. A group of people standing behind you and motivating you is better than you trying to motivate yourself. Loving yourself and then sharing love is one of the best feelings in the world.

Some of us don’t like sharing.

For example: Success, attention, food (Amen), friends, possessions. I’ll admit, sometimes it’s hard for me to share those things, but ultimately if you use the principle of love it should become easier to do those things.

Like many a good trait, practice makes perfect. It may seem absurd but love is actually considered to come naturally and hate is something we learn.

If we adopt Christ’s culture of loving everyone, it will become a whole lot easier to share, communicate and lean on one another.

We are made to love and come from love so let everything we do be done in love!

Until next week,



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