A call out of the void


“In the same way the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.” – Romans 8:26

I find it so amazing how God sends us messages just when we need them.

This past week has been terribly tumultuous for me.

I sat in the car driving home crying out to God. What started out as words turned into tears and eventually just inaudible sounds. I kept thinking: “God, You know. Only You know what I need and what I’m longing for.” I drove through the tears just asking God to take control and to hear my cries.

Later in the week I found myself face down on the floor, desperately crying out to God. Once again only knowing to ask Him to take control of what was happening. I lay there for half an hour just pouring myself out to God.

I always knew that God knew my thoughts but I never saw this verse and never thought that God listens intently even to the cries or groans that don’t have words or even thoughts to go with them.

This verse in Romans 8 compares the waiting pains and groans to those of a pregnant woman, which seems very intense, but it also compares the joy after waiting and groaning to that of a new mother. And from what I have seen, that is immense joy.

As much as I trust God has a plan for every single person, I have had a deep struggle with  the fact that He hasn’t spoken to me about my plan too much yet.

I found myself talking to Him while driving again and telling Him that I trust His timing, but I asked that He would give me a word, a nudge, a sign – ANYTHING.

And so, as I wait for His answer, I pray God increases my patience.

God may not have answered me yet with regards to His plans for me but He did let me know that He is listening. I had been putting off seeking Him and talking to Him intimately for the longest time by watching movies or even just sleeping but last night I paused and thought I would look at the verse of the day to start off my quiet time with Him. This is how I came across Romans 8:26.

His timing was perfect and He was right there waiting for me to pause long enough to realise that. I realised that the verses about finding God and His presence all start with us actively seeking Him with all we are.

How gracious God is to remind me of His presence through something as simple as the verse of the day.

He is always good and His timing is always perfect.

Until next time,




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