A couple weeks back my mum and I went through some of her late mum’s old photos.

There were photos of houses and places and birthdays, but the photos that stood out most to me were the photos of her father with her and her siblings. 
I knew that she hadn’t had the best relationship with her father since he left them while they were kids, but this photobox told such a different story. I saw a father that seemed involved and invested and I saw children that looked content. In reality, he was an absent father and his children weren’t as happy as the black and white little polaroids depicted. 
In life this made me think of the concept of if someone had to take photos of us with our Heavenly Father, would we see a Father who is interested and involved? OF COURSE WE WOULD. My concern in this instance is no longer the father, but the children. Would we see ourselves as children invested and involved with the Father? 

Would he be in all of the photos? The good and bad? Or would it be a tense photo where the father-child relationship that is so vital to our lives is not evident?  This bond that is so important to the forming of our identity. 
The truth is, God is always around to be in the picture but it’s US that exclude Him.

James 4:8 – Come near to God and He will draw near to you. 

Acts 17:27 – He’s not remote! We live and move in Him, we cannot get away from Him. 
The best part is we don’t even have to ask Him to be there, He just is. He always wants to be with us and meet us where we’re at.
As we continue walking with our Father, let us be more invested in nurturing our relationship with Him. May it be intentional and full of wonder. 



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